Ruan Wessels
Acting on Screen was die lekkerste kursus wat ek al ooit bygewoon het. Lelia en Jacques maak seker jy is gemaklik met jouself en die mense om jou end an begin die pret. Jy leer uitstekende tegnieke wat ek tot vandag toe elke keer gebruik wat ek op kamera of op die verhoog is.

Izel Bezuidenhout
This course was an incredible experience! To work with some of my biggest mentors in the film industry wan an honour. Jacques and Lelia created a safe environment where I could open up, explore new aspects of acting and of myself. They definitely challenged me as an actress and inspired me to be better at every lesson. The individual time was amazing to focus on certain aspects I struggled with. Their experience in the business as well as their passion for the craft shined through their couching. I can say with confidence that I grew so much during this course and I walked out feeling even more inspired and motivated than ever before! I cannot wait to attend the Follow-Up Course! Thank you Lelia and Jacques! You are simply amazing.

Gerlu van der Merwe
Acting on Screen has been one of the most valuable experiences of my life. The course provides the necessary tools needed to build a career in both film and television. Jacques and Lelia are some of the most influential acting coaches i have worked with.

Troy Vuka Zuma
This experience has truly been a blessing and unforgettable. I feel stronger in skill, inner confidence, technique and understanding the craft of film and film acting. Every technique is taught simply and the exercises are designed in order for you to absorb them optimally.

Thaba Viljoen
Acting On Screen teaches you so much, especially if you have only have experience as a theatre actor. It’s an extremely useful course, exposing both your strengths and weaknesses. Learned too much for artful expression in words.

Stephanie Gericke
Fantasies! Soveel geleer! Hierdie kursus het nodige afrondingswerk gedoen omdat ek op universiteit slegs basiese kennis en ervaring met film beleef het. Wat ’n voorreg om met sulke talentvolle akteurs en mentors te werk.

FP Engelbrecht
Superb! I would recommend it to anyone of any age. A brilliant hands-on approach. I discovered so much of myself as an actor.

Brandon Engelbrecht
Acting On Screen is worth it! I would like to do courses as intense as this one for the rest of my days. This course gave me the opportunity to really work on the craft of film acting and hone in on my talent.

Philip Nolte
This course is an incredible opportunity for all actors who want to fine tune their craft for film. Jacques and Lelia really got the best out of me, I could see the improvement from day one. Their knowledge and respect for their craft really inspired me to be a better actor.

Shelly Simon
Going into this course I was completely ignorant to film acting and had no experience in front of the camera. Acting On Screen awoke the emotional actor within me. I discovered the power of just experiencing the character and not having to spoon feed an audience. This has been a growing experience for me and i believe it will show in all forms of my craft.

Èmil Haarhoff
What makes this course so effective is the practical relevance and the focus on skill development within the style. The playback sessions were especially informative. One of the biggest lessons personally, was learning to understand the real life placement in order to achieve the desired affect on camera/film. Thank you!

Wentzel Lombard
I learned a lot from this course. We did practical explorations of concepts I learned about in College which I never knew how to apply. But now I can and have a lot more to draw from. I have confidence now to go to a film audition. I appreciated the constructive criticism which Jacques and Lelia gave.

Riandi Malan
I have grown tremendously during this course. I’m starting to love the craft of acting again. I now have a better understanding of what is expected of a TV/Film actor. I have received enough tools to explore every casting I go to. For the first time I am excited and not afraid of working on camera. Thank you for the amazing opportunity.

Annemarie Steenkamp
I’m an opera singer and was looking to gain experience in film acting. This course gave me the platform to do so. I have learned so much. I truly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about acting on screen! One learns a lot about yourself as an individual and as an actor.

Liz-Mari Botha
From day one there was a sense of comfortability in the atmosphere, an accepting free space which allowed creativity to flow. The course was extremely insightful and helped me especially in making the transition from theatre to film. The course is well planned and meticulous with its detail. Topics covered are relevant and the way in which Lelia and Jacques approach the course super effective and enjoyable at the sam time.

George Dywili
Being from a theatre background film was always a challenge but the course has helped a me a lot to better my skill for acting on the screen. It was great to meet and work with people who have the same drive as me. I enjoyed the course very much!

Natasha van der Merwe
I had no idea what to expect when we started but I am so happy I did it. Jacques and Lelia really provide an excellent course. You learn an incredible amount in six days. I have grown in so many ways but most importantly I have left with so many tools and methods to apply to any future auditions and work. I would recommend this course to anyone, experienced or not experienced! Thank you!

Ursula Botha
This course is essential for all actors, no matter where in their careers. The course empowers one with tools and challenges. I found this process wonderful, empowering, challenging, frustrating and revealing. South African actors have to do this course. Thank you Jacques and Lelia for sharing your knowledge and experience.

Heinrich Taute
Dit was ongelooflik om met jullie al twee te werk. Waardeer die persoonlike maandag wat ons almal gekry het.

Rianette Leibowitz
The way in which Lelia and Jacques share their passion for film acting during this course keeps you motivated and inspired. I always felt safe and comfortable and for someone with no acting experience it was a perfect starting block to begin this fascinating journey with.

Taryn Nightingale
This course exceeded my expectations. My ego told me I don’t need acting lessons but it was the best thing I’ve done this year. The acting techniques I learned can be applied to any medium but I also learned how to use these techniques in front of the camera. Jacques and Lelia your sensitivity, kindness, knowledge and understanding are valuable assets to this course.

Louw Breytenbach
I was impressed by the hands-on approach of the facilitators and learnt so much about myself and my journey as an artist. I would highly recommend it to any artist looking to learn or refresh their onscreen acting experience. Well worth it!

Eddie de Jager
Not only is the Acting On Screen course an acting course for camera and performance but also a reflection on personal development. I would recommend this course to anyone who is curious about themselves and who wants to develop their craft for film performance.

Samantha Keler
Mind blowing, humbling and empowering experience. Thank you Jacques and Lelia for this life changing journey.

Christine van Heerden
Thank you for an amazing course and equipping me for the performance industry. I loved it!

Daniella van Zyl
This has been an amazing experience and is definitely a great opportunity to expand and improve on your camera performance skills. Not only do you learn from the content and exercises, but also from the other participants. The growth from week to week can clearly be observed. Its a safe and beautiful environment to learn and grow and have fun during the process.

Llewellyn Steenkamp
As someone who did not study drama but wants to make it his career one day I learned a lot from this course, more than I thought I would.You learn practical and logical techniques, things you can actually put into practice during castings or being on set. Was an honour working with and learning from these two great actors.

Sarah Johnson
This course changed my life. Through the guidance and teachings of Lelia and Jacques I explored different versions of myself and my ability. I’ve been challenged throughout this course in every possible way. They managed to get me to open up and to emotionally connect to a character, which is something I was afraid of at the beginning. I will take the tools you’ve given me and employ them in the industry.

Monique Breedt
Ek sal enige iemand aanbeveel om hierdie kursus te doen. Dit het my gehelp met selfvertroue, ek het verskeie tegnieke geleer om toe te pas op film en TV spel. Maar mees belangrikste van als het ek baie van myself geleer. Jacques en Lelia het my baie gemaklik laat voel en ’n positiewe atmosfeer geskep wat my toegelaat het om te groei. Baie dankie vir julle kennis!

Deborah Chambers
I loved the course! Lelia and Jacques are professional, knowledgeable,warm and kind.As a fifty five year old woman with no acting training or experience I feel that I have learnt a lot about film acting, and more importantly, about myself. What a journey!

Kara van der Merwe
Hierdie kursus is ’n moet doen! Ek het baie geleer as ’n jong aktrise en van my eie karakter. Ek voel nou baie meer gemaklik en het meer selfvertroue om voor die kamera te staan. Ek het so baie gegroei. Baie dankie Jacques en Lelia!

Lizanne Schultz
The Acting On Screen course has opened many doors for me. In my opinion it is essential for a theatre trained actor to go through this process. I enjoyed learning how to approach film and TV acting, even though it is immensely challenging. I was pushed to new boundaries and am very thankful for that.

Daniel Conradie
Jacques and Lelia, thank you! You made the journey to the front of the camera so easy and at the same time challenged us. Every aspect of the course was so thorough and provides the opportunity to stand out above the crowd.

Tyla Nurden
I cannot begin to explain how vital this course has been to me especially because I came from a theatre background. The tools I have obtained I will use for the rest of my life.Jacques and Lelia are extremely nurturing throughout the process and truly help you to reach your full potential. I highly recommend this course!

Rachel Swanepoel
This course has been incredibly informative and professional. It provides technical information and is done in a very safe space. It has helped me to shift gears between stage and film acting. I have a full rounded understanding now of what acting for screen is all about. A lovely course, fun, worth it and recommended.

Ilze du Plooy
Ek sal hierdie kursus vir enige iemand aanbeveel wat werklik wil leer van spel vir die kamera. Jacques en Lelia is ongelooflik vrygewig met hulle kennis en ervaring. Halle hanteer elke persoon met soveel deernis. Dit was ’n onvergeetlike ervaring.

Sifundo Hlongwane
As a young actor I really learned a lot and at the same time had so much fun. I came here knowing nothing and feel that I have gained a lot. I was encouraged throughout and learned to trust myself and how to become a stronger actor. I will definitely apply all the tools I have discovered during this course.

Estel Cronje
Ek het nie een oomblik gevoel ek mors my tyd nie. Daar word verskeie aspekte aanspreek in die kursus. Ek het gegroei as aktrise en as mens. Ek het nou ’n beter verstaan van kamerawerk, die vermaaklikheidsindustrie asook my eie vermoëns.

Toshi Tikolo
This is a great course. I learned a lot about acting for the camera.I’d recommend it to anyone who is new and clueless in the industry. It was a beautiful experience. Thank you so much.

Andre Greyling
What a great course to help you how to become a film actor. I’ve done 3 courses but this one is the best by far.

Laret van Niekerk
Thank you for the opportunity to learn, create and meet amazing people. I learnt sooooooo much about myself as an artist and as a human being. You helped me overcome various barriers that were hindering me from performing my best on screen. The course was professional and fulfilling. But most of all FUN. You two are a great combination.

Andelucia Huysamen
Learned to let go and have fun. Would definitely recommend if your starting out or even just polishing your craft.

Shaun Koch
Very insightful and professional. From a theatre actor’s perspective this course was definitely helpful. I am a lot more confident and excited to put everything into practice. Thank you Lelia, Jacques!

Donovan-John Linley
Had a great time learning new techniques, and it was informative, effective, constructive and a well packaged course. I felt that it was good value for money and was relevant to both inexperienced and experienced actors.

Melissa Willering
Jacques and Lelia thank you so much for this course and for sharing your knowledge of acting with upcoming actors, who really want to learn the craft of screen acting. I’ve learned a lot about acting and what I should focus on to grow as an actress. Thank you for the individual help and for taking the time to focus on each of us. I enjoyed it so much and for someone like me, who is an introvert, it was easy to still participate in this group because I felt comfortable enough. It’s a privilege to learn from the best in the business.

Deoudone Pretorius
I cannot even put into words how much this course has meant to me! Only three weeks ago I felt extremely uncertain about the film and TV industry, and whether I could really do this. It has rekindled the deep passion I have for acting and artistic expression. I now feel like I have a toolkit that serves as the first step in pursuing my dream. The greatest lesson I have learned can be expressed in one word: Organic.

Marni de Wet
The last few weeks has been life changing. It has been such an honour to be apart of this journey and not only get to know other people and build new friendships, but also to get to know myself and where I want to go in life. It was really a privilege to delve deeper into the art of drama of what we learned at school and to explore the craft of film acting. You truly do inspire people.Thank you for inspiring me.

Angela Sparks
Wow, wow, wow. I learned so much in the past 6 days, I genuinely had some “ah hah” moments. Concepts about acting that I couldn’t quite grasp during my three years of studying just actually came to life with the help of Jacques and Lelia. Thank you so much for helping me pack some more valuable tools into my toolbox. I had no idea about film and television and this has opened a world of excitement and fascination for me. I will never be able to watch a soapie again without observing whether the actor is listening or not. I go into the film / television industry a much richer actress. Thank you so much Jacques and Lelia.

Adrian Freeman
WOW!!! Absolutely Phenomenal!!! Acting on Screen course, presented by Jacques Bessenger and Lelia Etsebeth is highly recommended for all who are passionate and serious about the industry. It is done with an amazing amount of oversight, forethought and sensitivity to the medium. Great experience. Thank You Jacques and Lelia, for sharing your knowledge and experience and for your kindness and humility.

Micah-Lee James
Acting and entertainment have been a childhood dream that I hoped would be realised but through life got passively shelved. Through realising that I need to, and can be, active in pursuing my hearts’ desires, getting the encouragement/ support to do so, and subsequently meeting people to direct me in the right path, I found Acting on Screen.
This has been an amazing three weekends of this whole new world being opened up to me. I have learnt and gained so much while discovering and growing; and knowing even more that this is what I love. I have enjoyed every moment and missed it during the work week. I am left wanting more! Thank you for being there for me in my first steps as an actor. I look forward with anticipation the journey ahead.

Carla-Marie Muyburg
Wat ‘n ongelooflike ervaring. Ek het elke oomblik van die naweek ingedrink en kon nie wag vir die weke tussen in om verby te gaan, sodat ek in die naweek my passie kon uitleef nie. Jacques en Lelia, dankie vir die wyse waarop julle dit aangebied het en die individuele raad en aandag wat julle aan ons elkeen gegee het. Ek het soveel respek vir julle en die amazing werk wat julle doen, dit was regtig ‘n verrykende ervaring.

Adelheid Reinecke
A truly individual and fulfilling experience for experienced and beginner actors alike. Acting on screen focuses on the character and the actor’s journey. Classic methodologies and modern theories in conjunction to what is relevant in the industry today. A mental and a physical blast! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time Lelia and Jacques.

Dylan van Tonder
These few weeks have been absolutely spectacular!! I have learned so much from acting on screen! I just want to thank you guys, Jacques and Lelia for changing my perspective of acting and opening a whole new world!

Jacques Adriaanse
Acting On Screen inspired, ignited, motivated, rejuvenated and enhanced life for me! I started trusting more and being more present in everything I do, observing life through a fresh lens that puts meaning and purpose in every single person’s life one meets. Realising the importance of acting as authentic story telling to inspire and change the world we live in. Realising the importance of living truthfully with purpose. Yes. Ubuntu!

Chane Fischer
The Acting on Screen course with Lelia and Jacques was outstanding. I learnt so much about acting in front of the camera, and what it truly means to be an actress. Their guidance has helped me tremendously and they have pointed out so many things that I can work on and how I can improve myself. I am grateful to have been part of this course and I appreciate the passion Lelia and Jacques have for the arts.

Nadine Ndlovu
My experience at Acting on screen was one of the best experiences in my life. Not only does the course help perfect your craft, it also motivates you. Lelia and Jacques were very helpful and always so encouraging. I would definitely do it again as l have learnt a lot from the course.

Sunel Gilliland
I loved this. Thank you so much Lelia and Jacques for teaching me to believe in myself, to trust my abilities, to accept my flaws and to embrace my uniqueness. The level of professionalism and personal attention was wonderful.

Mareli Jooste
WOW!! … Ek het geweet ek gaan baie leer, maar die kursus het my verwagtinge oortref… Ek het net weer van voor af besef hoekom ek hierdie wil doen en my liefde vir die kunste herontdek.

La-Rochelle Bekker
I am seeing acting in a whole new different light and have grown as a person throughout the course.

Zandria van der Westhuizen
In the end everything came together, so naturally. I can now finally trust myself enough to confidently say that I am an actress.

Liese Prinsloo
Of jy net ‘n beginner is en of jy al Drama geswot het, hierdie kursus is ‘n moet. Ek is verryk, uitgedaag en as mens opgebou.

Carla Belmonte
The entire Acting on Screen experience was one of immense learning and training in a very giving and creative environment. Lelia and Jacques make you feel safe and supported.

Zahra Dada
An excellent course with quality material. I have grown each day and have learnt so much more about myself, both as an individual and a performer.

Jean Herbst
This was an absolute amazing experience and an amazing insight into the industry. I will definitely cherish the whole course for the rest of my life. It’s worth every penny and every second!

Danielle Britz
The Acting on Screen course offers a vast variety of skills, for both the inexperienced actor and the experienced. Thank you for all you have taught us!

Inge Daneel
Die kursus is amazing! Dankie vir die experience, my lewe is so verryk!

Thabiso Masemene
I have learned so much about acting and about myself. I am truly grateful to have been so fortunate to have been part of such a beautiful course. I would do this course a million times again.

Vuyi Matomane
This course has been such a boost to my confidence, I am so grateful to Jacques and Lelia for the safe space they created for us to learn and explore.

Stephanie Pienaar
I learned more from you two in six days than I learned in three years of studying Drama at varsity.

Elzahn Keyser
Loved every moment of this course and really appreciated the care, and sincere passion you put into it.

Jaco Snyman
Wow. I don’t think I could ever put my gratitude into words. This has been amazing and it was SUCH an honour to be taught the art of film acting by two of the best actors in South Africa. This has been the best experience of my life.

Lee Visagie
I learned so much and gained so much. I will be able to apply what I have learnt for as long as I act. Thank you!

Hugh Becker
The worst part of the experience was that it had to end. The amount of knowledge and support that Jacques and Lelia have is endless.

Jane’ Swanepoel
Ek is ‘n baie skaam en teruggetrokke mens en maak nie maklik oop teenoor ander mense nie, maar die atmosfeer by Acting on Screen het my dadelik gemaklik laat voel en ek kon myself wees. Ek het baie van myself geleer! Dankie vir al julle tyd en wysheid.

Tanya Franzsen
As an intimidated stage actor, I had no idea what to expect. I am now more confident in front of the camera and I have more insight into my own internal emotional landscape and my ability to connect to myself and to perform from within.

Bernanrd Owen Jacobs
Acting on Screen was ‘n wonderlike leerskool gewees saam met twee persone met baie kennis en ‘n passie om dit te deel met ander. Baie dankie vir al die ondersteuning en motivering.

Inamari Schoonraad
This course provided me with the tools to approach future auditions with confidence and most importantly the freedom to enjoy the experience. It has been a positive, uplifting and extremely fun experience.

Nathalie Scholtz
Amazing it has been! Absolutely fantastic and so insightful. I really had an amazing experience of learning, exploring, discovering. This course will impact my life for a long time to come.

Roy van Eck
Acting on Screen is presented in such a positive and knowledgable manner that I feel inspired to go forth as a newbie in this industry. Loved it!

Marchann Hoeksema
I was very nervous coming to the course, as I have no acting background. Afterwards I can honestly say that I loved it! Jacques and Lelia create a safe space where I was able to learn a lot!

Fiona Budd
This course was everything that I could imagine and more. Inspiring, challenging, and life changing both personally and professionally.

Palesa Makhudu
This course has taught me that you can never learn enough. I had to overcome my own challenges throughout the course, and with the help and guidance of Jacques, Lelia and my fellow actors, I was able to do it. I really enjoyed being a part of such a wonderful experience!

Msuthu Makubalo
Loved learning, opening my mind and growing throughout this course. Jacques and Lelia you guys are indispensable!

Deanre’ Reiners
‘n Mens voel dadelik welkom en op jou gemmak. Dit is ongelooflik! Jy kan net ‘let go’ in die kursus. Jacques en Lelia is ongelooflik kundig en professioneel.

Ansu Visser
Acting on Screen is a must for everyone who wants to learn or improve or build on their skill-set. I had a lot of lightbulb moments, and a lot of ‘a-ha’s’ and a lot of loose wires got connected. Just jump in and do it!

Eden Classens
It was a great experience for me. My goal was to find myself as an actor and performer again. I did that and I’m very happy. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start this amazing journey of acting. Thank you Jacques and Lelia! I found my mojo and my confidence.

Nomalanga Nkosi
The course was just what I needed! Coming from a theatre background, sometimes it’s not natural to transfer to the screen. This course was an excellent tool on showing the difference between stage and screen. I particularly found the material on preparing the script very useful – there were tools that will really help me in unpacking a script and a character both for auditions and for work preparation. I also liked the structure of the course which allowed for personal time and also for group work. The tools I have learned will definitely help me going forth. I am more confident as an actor due to the recordings and critique aspect of the course. I now know what I can do and how I can develop further. Lovely! A great career investment.

Arno Greeff
The course brings theory to life. You get the opportunity to put everything you know, and learn throughout the course into practice in front of the camera. The recordings and playback sessions help you to identify exactly what you do in front of the camera be it right or wrong. It forces you to explore within your won abilities as well as the skills that Jacques and Lelia teach throughout the course. Overall the course has brought me clarity in my acting. This course is a must for any person aspiring to pursue a career in film and television acting.

Mila Guy
This was such an amazing course, I enjoyed every moment. Every day I learnt something new about myself and about acting. I feel this course made me more confident in my own acting abilities. I got to know a lot of new people from the industry which is amazing because we can share and understand one another better. It makes you feel you are not alone in this ‘tough’ industry. Thank you for everything, for your smiles, love, encouragement… it is a much appreciated! Don’t know what I will do with my weekends now that the course is over…

Candice Weber
I gained more than just experience and techniques to help me mould myself as an actress. This course offered me fellowship, a safe place to be able to explore and insight into the nooks and crannies of this industry. As a person, I gained respect for my own individuality and am now more confident in the intricate process of casting. If I am meant to be cast in a role, all I can offer is myself, my best efforts regarding preparation and trust that what I have to offer, is good enough. Jacques and Lela are mentors and masters of this art and they are both actors I look up to.

Suzi Swanepoel
Any actor/performer that has any level of experience will benefit from this course. This masterclass will make you grow as a person and a performer.

Grant Almirall
What an awesome experience. The course is a must for anyone who would like to hone their skills for auditions.

Elani Dekker
I’ve learned so much! And now I know that I don’t know anything. This course has given me a passion to act, which I never knew existed. Thank you!

Lara Kinnear
I would’ve never imagined learning SO much in only six days. Things that I’ve always wondered about or that I’ve always struggled with finally makes sense to me. Things have finally been explained to me in such a way that I can actively change aspects of my performance. I have received way more tools, that will aid me in my career as an actress, than I received whilst studying Drama at a University. This course is constructive and practical and super ‘hands on’. Jacques and Lelia are both exceptional teachers and their knowledge, experience and LOVE of acting speaks volumes. I am proud to say that I know feel super comfortable in my own skin as an actress and that I am confident in my craft – which I will continue to sculpt. You left me wanting more. Thank you

This course was AMAZING. I have a completely different thinking pattern towards acting and I have learnt so many new things. The Saturdays were fantastic. I always looked forward to Saturdays so that I could go the course. My mind was blown! I am seriously going to miss everybody. This course created a place for me where I could really be myself. I felt like I was part of something far more than I could imagine!

It was an interesting experience. I’ve learned so much from everyone, even though at first it was hard and I wanted to quit. But in the end it was awesome and everyone at the course were amazing.

Toe en met hierdie kursus begin het, het ek gedink ek sou ‘n paar goedjies weer opskerp en hier en daar ietsie nuut leer en dalk iemand ontmoet wat my kan help in hierdie ‘crazy’ besigheid. Maar wat ek gekry het was soveel meer! Ek het meer in hierdie kursus geleer as wat ek in drie jaar se studies vir my drama graad geleer het. Ek verstaan nou hoe hierdie ‘acting-thing’ regtig werk. Op ‘n tegniese/’performance’ vlak het dit vir my soveel beteken. Dit het alles in perspektif gesit, en die hlositiese benadering was onverwags maar life changing’. Ek het geleer ons het almal ons eie ‘journey’ soos Lelie op ‘n keer gesê het. Ek sal elke persoon wat ‘n akteur wil wees aanmoedig om hierdie kursus deel van hulle ‘journey’ te maak. Hoekom? Want elke ‘journey’ het voorbereiding, gereedskap en ‘n bietjie padkos nodig en hierdie kursus pak jou tassie so mooi vir hierdie reis. Baie dankie Lelia en Jacques, julle ht my lewe verander.

Arno Greeff:
The course brings theory to life. You get the opportunity to put everything you know, and learn through out the course, into practice in front of the camera. The recordings and playback help you to identify exactly what you do in front of the camera, be it right or wrong. The course allows you to explore your own abilities as an actor and at the same time challenges you with the new skills and ideas that Jacques and Lelia teach. Overall the course gave me clarity about my own acting style. I have learned how theory is put into practice for film and television acting. The course is a must for any person aspiring to pursue a career as an actor in film or television.

Kylé Grové:
Dit was een van die lekkerste kursusse wat ek nog bygewoon het. Elke dag stap jy in, doen vreemde goed, praktiese goed, en na die verduideliking snap jy dit en maak alles sin. Dan besef jy al jou drama teorie kan nie vir jou leer wat jy alles moet wees nie.Lelia en Jacques se ‘hands-on’ praktiese kursus maak jou oë oop. Die kursus het vir my nuwe deure oop gemaak. Dit was awesome.

Mila Guy:
This was an amazing course. I enjoyed every moment. Every Saturday I learnt something new about acting and myself. My confidence grew throughout the course. I got to know a lot of new people from the industry, which is amazing because we can share experiences and understand one another better. It makes you feel you are not alone in this ‘tough’ industry. Thank you for everything. Your smiles, love and encouragement. It is much appreciated. Will miss the experience and the people. Don’t know what I will do with my Saturdays now! Hopefully see you guys soon.

Lizmari van der Merwe:
Oh my goodness… Where to start? Not only did I learn a lot about the art of acting, I learnt a lot about myself! And what I’ve learnt I will definitely take to mind and heart. It gave me tools to use and practice my art to fullest. The course revealed very important aspects of the industry, in ways I never thought about or had any knowledge about. Thanks to you guys I can go to castings and auditions with confidence. The course makes me want to follow my passion even more!

Thandi Pretorius:
I learnt a lot of things about the industry I didn’t know. Since I don’t know very much about the industry it helped me realize what is out there and what is waiting for me. I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot about myself as an actor. It was amazing!

Lizette Prinsloo:
Dit was baie goed. Het ongelooflik baie geleer, ek kan amper sê dat ek meer geleer het as wat ek op Unversiteit geleer het. Julle het my baie confidance gegee in my art en my dit weer laat love. Dit is fantasties om te sien hoe ek gegroei het, vanaf dag 1 tot dag 7. Ons almal het hierdie ‘n safe space gemaak. Julle was baie goed voorbereid en het ons nooit as laer as julle geag nie, dit het baie beteken. Julle is baie humble al doen jul so baie vir ander en in jul persoonlike loopbaan. DANKIE!

Jako Meyer:
Met ‘n groot hoeveelheid teater ondervinding, het ek by hierdie kursus ingeloop met die verwagting om die kuns van televisie te verstaan. SUPER baie dankie dat julle daardie kennis met my gedeel het en my verwagtinge oortref het. Ek is tot in ewigheid verryk en sal dit vir altyd koester. Baie liefde en Sterkte. Rock and Roll!

Deanré Reiners:
Gretig en opgewonde het ek onseker die eerste dag van die kursus betree. Maar hoe mens dadelik welkom voel en deel voel is ongelooflik. Jacques en Lelia se manier van doen stel mens dadelik op jou gemak en jy kan net ‘let go’ in die proses van die kursus in. Hoe die verskeie onderwerpe gedek en bespreek is was ongelooflik. Ek kon ‘n duidelike verskil voel terwyl ek op stel is vir Binneland. Die verskil vam hoe om te act vir kamera en verhoog het al na een dag vir my baie sin gemaak. Jacques en Lelia is ongelooflik kundig en professioneel.

Candice Weber:
I gained more than just experience and techniques to help me mold myself as an actress. This course offered me fellowship and a safe place to be able to explore your craft as an actor. It gave me great insight into the nooks and crannies of the acting industry. As a person I gained respect for my own individuality and am now more confident in the intricate process of castings. If I am meant to be cast in a role, all I can offer is myself , my best efforts regarding preparation and trust that what I have to offer is good enough. Jacques and Lelia are great mentors and masters of this art and they are both actors I look up to.

Abel Knobel:
I started off with this course really not knowing what to expect. This was my first formal acting training I have ever received and therefor I was nervous about the whole idea, but also extremely excited. After the first Saturday, I really couldn’t contain myself. I realized that THIS course was what I needed all along to overcome all my acting insecurities I had built up throughout the years. Every consecutive Saturday after the first I truly felt like a sponge, just absorbing every possible thing my mind was capable of and it was due to the fact that I truly enjoyed every single moment of this course. The growth I experienced, not only as an ACTOR but also as a PERSON, was very overwhelming and real at the same time. Thanks so much Jacques and Lelia!! You guys showed me what it means to be an actor and above all how to connect with myself and others.

Clarice Pieterse
Jacques en Lelia, ek het lank uitgesien na die kursus en toe ek weer sien toe is verby. Ek is baie dankbaar teenoor julle, ek is so opgewonde oor die toekoms en sien uit om in die nabye toekoms weer saam met julle te werk. Ek dink een van die grootste goed was dat julle ‘n selfvertrooue kom inbou het wat voorheen bietjie onder die stof gelê het. Julle het my help ‘explore’ en leer om die groeiproses te vertrou. Ek sal aangaan om te groei totdat ek sit in die grootste, mooiste sonneblomland! Baie baie dankie!

Renus Müller:
Die kursus was ‘n uitstekende uitbreiding van die kennis wat ek opgedoen het by vorige kursusse en in die bedryf. Ek was veral beïndruk met die les rondom Laban se ‘effort lives’ – die ontleding en uitleg van karakters en tonele volgens Laban se ‘effort lives’ maak vir die eerste keer vir my sin en het vir die eerste keer ‘n werklike impak op my toneelspel. Die intieme atmosfeer was fantasties. Dit het my daartoe instaat gestel om met gemak ‘explorations’ te doen. Dit was genotvol! Loved every moment of it!

Lelani Orffer:
I really enjoyed Acting on Screen. It has been one of the best experiences of my life. I never used to see myself as an actress but thought I would give it a go. After I completed this course I felt like there is so much more to acting than I thought. I will never regret having done this course because I know that this course will help me excel in the future. It was an amazing experience.

Devon Flemmer:
The Acting on Screen course helped guide and develop my skills to be a better actor for film. It helped me understand the basics of performing for screen that we are often not aware of a s actors but make a huge difference when it comes to preparation, making an impression and essentially booking the job. I learned how to play a character truthfully for screen, which is the most important part of a screen performance as the camera picks up everything.

Razeen Dada:
Acting on Screen enhances your ability to perform on camera. The transformation is incredible. Jacques and Lelia share their talent and believe in your transformation as an actor. This course helps you understand your emotions as an actor and helps you to demonstrate this on camera.

Drikus Saayman:
This course is a good step towards a career in film acting. We were taught the basic performance elements that guide you towards a good audition. The basic steps are important to learn and to incorporate in your performance. We were shown playback of our performances, which forced me to observe the mistakes I make and to consequently learn how I could improve. I also saw what I look like on camera for the first time. Jacques and Lelia created a fantastic environment where all the participants could work together without judgment. Interacting with different people in different scenes helped me to expand and understand various characters. The course helped me to identify my weaknesses and strong points when acting on camera. It helped me to prepare characters better for auditions, and taught me how to give varied performances.

Duan Wanty:
I found the immediate feedback on the work I did during the course, very functional. Seeing yourself on camera is a hard thing to do at first. Throughout the course however, you become analytical about it. Most of the things I learned at the Acting On Screen, I already knew or have done before. The course, however, provided me with the chance to continuously apply the knowledge I have. Acting on Screen is a great opportunity to work on your craft, refresh your acting instincts and knowledge and becoming a better actor that you were before. I highly recommend it.

Penny Bramwell-Jones:
Yes, there is a big difference between acting for stage and acting for camera! This course is thorough and intense. You feel like you’ve learnt something. The manner in which you are taught helps to engrain the knowledge and remember what you should and shouldn’t do. This a high quality training course for people who are ready to learn, improve and polish an authentic performance.

Pubashni Kandasamy:
I’m glad to have been given the opportunity to be trained by such talented actors, Jacques and Lelia. This course gave me a good start! It helped me grasp the fundamentals of acting and I feel like it will prepare me for the long road ahead. The first course was good! I’m waiting for a sequel?! 😉

Phillip Schnetler:
Die kursus was baie baie insiggewend. Ek het verskriklik baie geleer. Dankie dat julle so mooi na my gekyk het. Ek kan nie wag om vir my eerste film oudisie te gaan na die kursus nie! Hou so aan, julle doen goed!

Mercia Walters:
Acting On Screen was a very exciting experience. It was, however, also scary to realize and to understand how cutthroat this industry is on the one hand, and how wonderful it can be once you’ve made inroads. What a great journey the past 7 weeks have been. It was a wonderful platform to grow, to be myself, and to sharpen my ‘acting sword’. The course forced me to go back and learn to crawl again (start from the start). I feel so much better equipped for auditions. If there is one thing I’ve learnt, it is how to prepare, prepare and prepare, to be prepared!

Stephanie Gillett:
Acting On Screen is a must for any aspiring film actor. This course has taught me so much. I genuinely feel that I have grown as an actor, improved my skill set, and received a huge confidence boost. Jacques and Lelia are wonderful teachers, drawing on their own experiences and helping each individual student to be the best actor he/she can be. The practical and technical aspects to film that they teach are invaluable, while their tutorship in the various acting methods has definitely improved my performance. This is finally a course that brilliantly bridges the gap between acting for stage and acting for screen, and I highly recommend it! Thank you so much Jacques and Lelia. I look forward to attending my next audition with new confidence.

Nomalanga Nkosi:
The course was just what I needed! Having a theatre background, it did not come natural for me to transfer from stage acting to screen acting. This course, however, was excellent in providing me with the necessary tools to bridge the gap between stage and screen. I found the material on preparing the script particularly useful; there were tools that will really help me to unpack a script and explore a character both for auditions and for work preparation. I also liked the structure of the course, which allowed for personal attention and also for group work. The skills I have learnt will definitely help me to move forward. Observing and analyzing the playback of my performances, helped me to gain confidence as an actor. I now know what I can do and how I can develop further. Lovely! A great career investment!

Marike Smith:
The Acting On Screen course has changed my life and my outlook on acting. It was exactly what I needed. As a musical theatre graduate, I have found the course to be incredibly helpful in assisting with the transition from stage to film. I feel more secure and ready to take on any film audition to come my way! Lelia and Jacques are incredibly knowledgeable and inspirational, and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with them and to learn from them. I can feel the difference in my performances and thanks to the recordings and playbacks, I was also able to bare witness to my own personal growth. What a fantastic platform. I would recommend this course to everyone and anyone looking for a way to improve their craft!

Laurika de Kock:
I had an amazing time doing the Acting On Screen course. I learned so much about camera acting, auditions and the industry. This course has meant a great deal to me and I am sure it’s going to reflect in auditions and work to come. I loved it!

Genevieve Olivier:
I have learnt so much from this course and I feel as if I have grown so much in Acting On Screen – a field I knew very little about before this course. Jacques and Lelia are so inspirational as actors but even more so as teachers of acting. They provide a safe place to explore your abilities and are so motivating, encouraging and accommodating in everything you do. I devoured every bit of feedback I was given and tired to use it to the best of my ability. I have learnt so much – not only about acting and the techniques of film acting, but also about agents, interacting with people and the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the industry. This course has increased my love of performance and put the passion and fun back into acting, at the same time as developing my skills and teaching me the different ways to better myself. This course become a family for me and has been the highlight of my week for seven weeks in a row. Please do a second (“advanced”) course, Jacques and Lelia?! Pretty please?!?!?