A training course in camera performance presented by Jacques Bessenger and Lelia Etsebeth.

A training course in camera performance for actors and aspiring actors of all levels of experience.

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About Us

Jacques and Lelia’s love for the art of acting along with their professional experiences, inspired the creation of Acting on Screen.

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The Course

The content of the Acting on Screen course is based on their academic training and professional experiences in the local film- and television- industry.

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Contact Us

If you are interested in signing up for the Acting on Screen course, or have any enquiries regarding the course, follow the link below.

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I really enjoyed Acting on Screen. It has been one of the best experiences of my life. I never used to see myself as an actress but thought I would give it a go. After I completed this course I felt like there is so much more to acting than I thought. I will never regret having done this course because I know that this course will help me excel in the future. It was an amazing experience. by Lelani Orffer

The Acting on Screen course helped guide and develop my skills to be a better actor for film. It helped me understand the basics of performing for screen that we are often not aware of a s actors but make a huge difference when it comes to preparation, making an impression and essentially booking the job. I learned how to play a character truthfully for screen, which is the most important part of a screen performance as the camera picks up everything. by Devon Flemmer

Acting on Screen enhances your ability to perform on camera. The transformation is incredible. Jacques and Lelia share their talent and believe in your transformation as an actor. This course helps you understand your emotions as an actor and helps you to demonstrate this on camera. by Razeen Dada

We were taught the basic performance elements that guide you towards a good audition. We were shown playback of our performances, which forced me to observe the mistakes I make and to consequently learn how I could improve. I also saw what I look like on camera for the first time. Jacques and Lelia created a fantastic environment where all the participants could work together without judgment. by Drikus Saayman

I found the immediate feedback very functional. Seeing yourself on camera is a hard thing at first. Throughout the course however, you become analytical about it and you are provided with the chance to continuously apply your knowledge. Acting on Screen is a great opportunity to work on your craft, refresh your acting instincts and knowledge and becoming a better actor that you were before. I highly recommend it. by Duan Wanty