A training course in camera performance presented by Jacques Bessenger and Lelia Etsebeth.

“It was a fantastic, enriching experience.”

Pulane Palmer • Die Kasteel

“It forces you to explore within your own abilities as well as the skills that Jacques and Lelia teach throughout the course.”

Arno Greeff • Getroud met Rugby, Vaselinetjie

“This course helps you understand your emotions as an actor and helps you to demonstrate this on camera.”

Razeen Dada • Bollywood Actor

“This course will impact my life for a long time to come.”

Reine Swart • USA series ZNation

“I’ve learned so much! And now I know that I don’t know anything. This course has given me a passion to act, which I never knew existed. Thank you!”

Elani Dekker • Jou Romeo, Vaselinetjie

“Jy leer uitstekende tegnieke wat ek tot vandag toe elke keer gebruik wat ek op kamera of op die verhoog is.”

Ruan Wessels • Jou Romeo, Binneland

“I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start this amazing journey of acting. I found my mojo and my confidence.”

Eden Classens • Suidooster

“This masterclass will make you grow as a person and a performer.”

Suzzi Swanepoel • Sterlopers, Binneland

“I had a lot of lightbulb moments, and a lot of ‘a-ha’s’ and a lot of loose wires got connected. Just jump in and do it!”

Ansu Visser • Wonderlus

“I feel this course made me more confident in my own acting abilities. I got to know a lot of new people from the industry which is amazing because we can share and understand one another better.”

Mila Guy • Hotel, Liewe Kersfeesvader

“Things have finally been explained to me in such a way that I can actively change aspects of my performance. I have received way more tools, that will aid me in my career as an actress.”

Lara Kinnear • Vir die Voëls

“What an awesome experience. The course is a must for anyone who would like to hone their skills for auditions.”

Grant Almirall • Singing in the rain, Jersey Boys

“Coming from a theatre background, sometimes it’s not natural to transfer to the screen. This course was an excellent tool on showing the difference between stage and screen.”

Nomalanga Nkosi • Scandal

“I’ve learned a lot about acting and what I should focus on to grow as an actress. Thank you for the individual help and for taking the time to focus on each of us.”

Melissa Willering • Getroud met Rugby

“I am now more confident in my craft – which I will continue to sculpt. You left me wanting more. Thank you.”

Larè Birk • Sterlopers, Binneland

“This course was an incredible experience! To work with some of my biggest mentors in the film industry was an honour.”

Izel Bezuidenhout • Dis ek, Anna, Vaselinetjie

A training course in camera performance for actors and aspiring actors of all levels of experience.

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About Us

Jacques and Lelia’s love for the art of acting along with their professional experiences, inspired the creation of Acting on Screen.

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The Course

The content of the Acting on Screen course is based on their academic training and professional experiences in the local film- and television-industry.

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If you are interested in signing up for the Acting On Screen course, or have any enquiries regarding the course, follow the link below.

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